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Plumbing: 10 things you didn't know [Infographic]

Part 3: Plumbing

Join us for a light-hearted look at the world of an MEP contractor, with the third in our new infographic series – 30 things you probably didn’t know about the world of an MEP contractor.

In Part 3 of our series, we turn our attention to the Plumbing Sector.

Plumbing Infographic

  1. If you have a leaky tap that drips twice per minute you’ll waste 2,880 drips per day, which equates to over a gallon of water in a week.
  2. Albert Einstein was named an honorary member of the plumbers and steamfitters union after saying publicly that he would become a plumber if he had to do it all over again.
  3. Famous rock star Ozzy Osbourne was a plumber’s apprentice before getting into the music industry.
  4. The most famous plumbers in the world are probably Mario and Luigi of Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers series.  They have appeared in over 2000 video games so far.
  5. The Burj Khalifa’s water system supplies an average of 946,000 litres or 250,000 gallons of water daily.
  6. The film Psycho was the first move to ever show a toilet flushing.
  7. Sir John Harington is credited with inventing the flushable toilet, which he named Ajax.
  8. We all have a one in 10,000 chance of getting hurt by a toilet in our lifetime.
  9. The earth has around 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons (326 million trillion gallons of water.  About 98% of our water is in the oceans of the world, making it unusable for drinking because of the salt content.
  10. One of the highest toilets in the world is located on Europe’s legendary Mont Blanc. Specialised dry toilets for extreme conditions at an altitude of 15,190 feet (4,630 meters), they are some of the most elevated thrones in Europe.

Please see full infographic for sources and credits. Information gathered January 2015.