Construction Appreciation Week 2018

September 21, 2018 Sarah Lorek

In Westminster, Colorado, construction workers from JE Dunn have been hard at work building a 125,000 square foot, four-story office building for Trimble. Since breaking ground late last summer, the crew has been making headway to finish the building by November of this year. Today, office employees at Trimble showed their appreciation in a very special way.


Flyover drone footage of the new Trimble Westmoor Building construction in Westminster, Colorado

For more information on the Trimble Westminster Building Expansion, take a look at this page.


For several months now, Trimble office employees working in the old building next door have had the privilege of witnessing the entire construction process, right from their desks.

Construction from an employee’s office window. Sept. 21, 2018


Today, the Trimble team gathered together for Construction Appreciation Week to show their respect for the JE Dunn crew working hard next door.

This first-ever annual initiative announced by I Build America and scheduled for September 17-21, 2018, served as an opportunity to acknowledge and pay respect to construction workers. I Build America is a movement to generate pride and respect for the construction industry, and to recruit young people into the industry as a rewarding and valuable career. The organization’s ultimate goal is to turn this initiative into a movement across the nation— and Trimble wanted to help.

With warm, sunny weather and a great cause, today was the perfect opportunity to participate in the new annual initiative— so the Trimble team rallied together to deliver breakfast to the hard-working crew next door.

Broadcast announcement text sent to crew using the CrewSight app.


Bright and early this morning, the JE Dunn project manager sent a broadcast message to the crew using an app called CrewSight, notifying them that breakfast was available in the South parking lot.

Breakfast is served!


The workers were able to take a short break from their labor to enjoy muffins, fruit, donuts and more.


To Trimble, construction means transforming the way the world works. It means looking at a building ten years from now and understanding the hard work and dedication that went into it— from planning and conception, to design and engineering, all the way to construction and post-construction management. At the heart of it all, and of everything Trimble does, is respect and appreciation for these workers. Not just today, but every day.

Happy Construction Appreciation Week.


From all of us at Trimble,



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