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No Fear: Leveraging Offsite Fabrication for Instant Construction Improvement

Offsite fabrication in construction can save time, money, and resources, which in turn, can help improve your construction process.

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The construction industry is changing at a rapid rate and offsite fabrication is becoming the norm. Whether you’re an owner, project manager, or do field installation for large or small construction firms, you’ve experienced the industry firsthand. 

Many construction industry workers and owners are resistant to changing technologies, or they simply don’t have time to learn a new process. This challenge is reaffirmed by the fact that 50% of all current workforce— including most top decision makers— started their careers much before concepts like Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Building Information Modeling (BIM), and offsite fabrication were leveraged across the project. Now, these methods aren’t just the norm, but usually a requirement.
But fear not, this guide to leveraging offsite fabrication will get your firm ready for whatever challenges are presented onsite. Access your guide today and find out how!

About the Author

Catherine Mansfield is the Director of Operations for the Trimble MEP VDC Professional Services team. In this role, she works the team on business process, estimating, contracts, project management, resourcing and finances. The MEP VDC Professional Services provides a range of services — including 3D modeling, 3D coordination, fabrication and documentation as well as 3D laser scanning and scan to model.

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