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Connected Construction: A New Technology Mindset for a New Era

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A Whitepaper Powered by GlobalData and Trimble

You may have heard the words “connected construction” a lot lately. But what is it? What does it mean for the construction industry, for your organization … and for you?

All the answers you seek are right here in this definitive whitepaper, “Connected Construction: A new technology mindset for a new era.” This whitepaper explores how the industry as a whole has—and continues to—transform through technology and new, innovative approaches to the construction process. 

No matter what type of work your company performs or what role you play in your construction organization, the principles of connected construction are changing the game for the better. Do you want to know the secret sauce to creating your own connected construction experience?


Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • What a modern, connected construction environment looks like, and how it can improve how all project stakeholders work together
  • How connected construction is changing how the industry works, and why it’s important for contractors to start preparing
  • The technologies powering today’s connected construction transformation, and what might soon be on the horizon
  • How to identify and overcome challenges to modernizing construction operations and where to start your own connected construction journey
  • Real-world examples from contractors who have already benefited from connected construction data and workflows