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OSHA Construction Safety Rules You Need to Know

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Builders and owners alike need to be concerned about safety. There is no denying that keeping yourself and your team safe should be number 1 on your priority list.

Besides looking out for each other on the job site, you also need to be concerned about keeping up with OSHA’s construction safety rules. All the laws and regulations are there to help, but — let’s be honest — they can be lengthy and confusing. And just keeping track of every tiny rule while running a fast-paced construction site can be downright difficult. 

Still, ignoring these laws and falling out of compliance isn’t an option: not only does it mean putting your workers at risk, but it can mean costly fines and delays, too. Absolutely no one benefits from cutting corners when it comes to safety. 

So, how can building owners, developers, and general contractors, get the job done on schedule and on budget, while successfully managing health and safety compliance?

As we’ll see over the next few pages, success comes down to two basic elements:
1. Accurate knowledge
2. The right tools

And, you probably noticed, those are the same basic elements that lay the foundation for success in any construction endeavor, so accomplishing this task is well within your wheelhouse. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about the current health and safety regulations and what compliance requires, then we’ll discuss how you can be 100% sure your job sites always remain in compliance—  without jeopardizing efficiency. Access your free guide today to learn more.

About the Author

Satyan Shah

Satyan Shah is the Director of IoT Solutions at Trimble Navigation, where he delivers enterprise-grade products and services with P&L responsibility. In addition to creating web applications at scale and offering hands-on engineering management of complex technical products, in 2016, Satyan architected and brought to market a next generation sensor platform using BLE, mobile apps, and LPWAN Networks.

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