Using Technology to Handle Jobsite Emergencies

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Using Technology to Handle Jobsite Emergencies

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It’s everyone’s job on-site to keep each other safe, but sometimes unexpected circumstances test the limits of worker adaptability and challenge established safety protocols. Even the most diligent planners can be caught off guard by an unexpected fire, flood, gas leak, etc.

You can’t completely control a jobsite — there will inevitably be extenuating circumstances that throw projects for a loop. That’s why it’s important to establish as many safeguards as possible. Afterall, isn’t it worth exploring all possible solutions to make your jobsite safer?

Many construction companies leverage emerging technologies to reduce the detriment of emergency situations. Automatic alarms, labor tracking, access control and other construction technologies improve worker safety by streamlining emergency reporting efficiency and evacuation timeliness.

Before you discount new technologies as a passing fad, consider the dire state of worker safety within the construction industry.

In this guide, you’ll learn how emerging technologies can help keep your site safe, and help you avoid costly fines.

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