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WEBINAR: 7 Signs Disconnected Processes Are Hurting Your Projects & Your Business



You’ve invested in technology for the jobsite and the office. 

You’ve done the hard work of digitally transforming your systems and workflows. 

So, why aren’t you getting those productivity and profitability breakthroughs you were promised? 

The problem could be that while your team has adopted digital processes, these processes are still siloed. This ultimately means that your solutions, data, and project lifecycles are siloed as well. 

Want to know for sure? Watch the on-demand webinar, 7 Signs Disconnected Processes Are Hurting Your Projects & Your Business, as three construction technology experts get together to:

  • Identify what these 7 unmistakable signs are
  • Explain how to combine your technology to address underlying issues
  • Give examples of what this looks like in the real world


This webinar is ideal for professionals in the design, operations, IT/technology, and finance areas of the organization. This webinar will help you understand where you need to connect workflows to create a digital thread running through your company - making it possible to create predictable profitability and identify opportunities for growth.