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The Great Library Reference Shelf

Learn more about exciting developments in modern construction!

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The Great Library is a bite-sized documentary (each episode is only about 15 minutes) designed to show the future of construction. We're collaborating with some of the industry’s best and brightest architects, engineers, and contractors to digitally re-imagine the Library of Celsus as a 21st-century facility.

Why? Our industry talks a lot about using technology to make an entire construction project (from planning to turnover) more efficient, but practical examples are hard to find. So we're showing how it's actually done, and even more importantly, how YOU could do it in your work. If you're just getting started, watch episode one here. Or, if you're more into reading than watching, click the books below to dive in and start learning.

Check back often, we'll add books as new episodes publish. 

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About the Author

Hannah is a Content Creation Specialist for Trimble Construction. She has 10 years of experience in the construction industry, with a particular passion for green, resilient, equitable construction. Along the way, she’s worked with energy efficiency assessors, custom home builders, architects, and lean building specialists.

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