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Modern Tech, Ancient Site || The Great Library Episode 1

Journey to Turkey to learn how innovative tech and ancient architecture are intertwined.

The Great Library brings together a team of global experts and historians, uncovering surprising parallels between traditional building methods and modern-day tech.

Along the way, we'll share insights and guides to help you find YOUR path to streamlining processes, speeding up timelines, reducing rework, and overall... making the construction process better. Because we know you'd rather spend more time designing and building amazing buildings and less time dealing with change orders and data transfer. This series will show you how.

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History of Construction
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The construction industry has historically been conservative in adopting new technologies. Modern projects are still commonly delivered using 2D drawings... very similar to how the architects and designers planned buildings back in the Roman times.

In many ways, we've been working to learn the same lessons for millennia, including these 4 that started in ancient Roman construction

What is Connected Construction
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Perhaps you've heard the term "Connected Construction." But what does it really mean. And more importantly, how can it benefit your work? We interviewed a range of experts to hear their perspectives. 

Visualizing the Challenges of Construction with Blocks
Watch this section [5:07]

Our host, Ayo, sits down with blocks to visualize the common challenges that come with the complexity of modern construction. 

Learn more about the costs of disconnected processes and opportunities of modern technology in this interactive infographic. 

Touring the Library of Celsus with an Archeologist
Watch this section [11:00]

Local archeologist and site expert Cengiz İçten takes us on a tour to learn more about the impressive engineering of the city. 

Ready to see more? Watch episode 2!

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