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Stepping into the Future ll The Great Library Episode 5

In the final episode of The Great Library, the team travels to the site in Ephesus where they meet in-person for the first time. They reflect on the success of the project and discuss the benefits in this way of building.

Take a look at what you’ll discover in the final episode: 

The Final Episode of The Great Library
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It's hard to believe that through the entirety of this project, our project stakeholders have never met in person or visited the site…that is, until now. 

In this episode we’ll conduct all the final checks that would take place on site before a project like this would move into the physical build. We’ll mix digital and physical, overlaying and exploring our digital twin and all the detail within it, in a space where it would ultimately be committed to glass, steel, and concrete.

The Team Meets in Person for the First Time
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Finally, the project team meets on the site of Ephesus for the first time. After working together for quite some time and sharing work, they meet in the same place at the same time.

While Frank, Julie, and Øystein begin to explore the ancient site, Matt and Adil step away to discuss the Trimble XR10.

Matt and Adil Chat about the Trimble XR10
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Matt and Adil set out to view the library in a more futuristic setting, using the Trimble XR10 equipped with HoloLens 2, allowing them to see the new structure as it would be before it’s even constructed.

The XR10 allows you to streamline workflows, eliminate errors, increase transparency and radically reduce project delays.

Modernizing The US Bank Center with Trimble X7 - 3D Laser Scanner
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Modernizing the US Bank Center in Seattle, Washington has been no easy feat for Andersen Construction. Built overseas, none of the shapes were US Standard shapes, so they used Trimble scanning technology and point clouds to measure and make sure that the new construction would fit with the old.

The center was built in the ‘80s, so the goal of the project was to retrofit it in order to modernize the building and bring it up to date as a retail center.

The Team Raises a Glass to the Successes of the Project
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At this point in the project, all of the virtual design and planning has been completed.

After all of the hard work that the team has put into this project, they are able to relax and reflect on how successful it was and how it can benefit the industry in the future.

Looking to the Future

That’s a wrap on The Great Library docuseries! Take a virtual tour of the library and explore the most extensive repository of applied connected construction knowledge to date. Here you can access all of the series episodes, bonus content, 3D models and more.