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Nothing Left to Chance ll The Great Library Episode 4

Episode 4 of The Great Library dives deeper into the world of connected construction technologies and how they are completely changing and modernizing the construction industry.

Check out what you’ll discover in Episode 4: 

Episode 4 of The Great Library
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In this episode, our engineers put the finishing touches to our structural and MEP designs before onboarding our contractors who will add even more detail and move us into manufacturing.

As our digital twin goes through this final evolution, we’ll get to see the extent to which our connected construction workflows enable incredible efficiencies when we arrive at the business end of the project.

Join Another Great Library Team Meeting
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Oystein and his team finalize the structural design and MEP of the shared BIM model without ever meeting in person or visiting the site.

Will this prove a step too far?

Meet the latest edition to the Great Library Team: US Engineering
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Meet the latest edition to The Great Library Team! Jeff Kiblen is a VP at US Engineering, a family owned company since 1893 that is no stranger to large-scale projects. 

They speak about their DFMA (Design For Manufacturing and Assembly) process and how their use of technologies has doubled their production using fewer employees, while seeing exponentially higher results.

Constructing the Tallest Tower in Texas with Trimble Connect
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DPR flies through the virtual model as they construct Waterline, the tallest tower in Texas, located in the city of Austin.

They speak on their experience with Trimble Connect and other connected construction solutions which have helped them reduce conflicts and costs. It has allowed them to see the complete digital model before the physical structure has been built, tracking changes and predicting clashes along the way.

Reimagining the Past with Virtual Reconstructionist Ádám Németh
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Virtual reconstructionist and time traveler, Ádám Németh used our point cloud to create a digital picture of what The Great Library was like back when it was a fully functioning city.

Adam speaks with project owner Matt about his experience using the point cloud to go back in time and reimagine the past with his unique skills.

Visiting our Virtual Great Library
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Visit our website to follow along with the development of The Great Library.

What's next?

In the next and final episode of The Great Library, our project team will visit the site of Ephesus and meet one another in person for the first time.

They will get back to work in the final planning phase and experience the project through a whole new lens.

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