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Delivering Differently with Arup Episode 1: Designing Allegiant Stadium

See how Arup achieved effective design management, change management and collaboration with a database driven approach whilst designing Allegiant Stadium, the new home for the Las Vegas Raiders.

What you'll learn:

  • Why a database driven approach was chosen and how it worked
  • How steel and concrete documentations were combined
  • How parametric modelling was supported by a central database

Taking a database driven project approach, Arup created the structural steel design model with collaboration in mind. The project team was able to share BIM content directly with the builder with no missed translations as designs moved between different platforms. Automated tools were also created to regularly convert the model for cloud collaboration with the rest of the design team.

Audience Question 1: How long did it take to run the analysis and design? Any tricks?

Audience Question 2: How was the Arup Repository developed?

Audience Question 3: What were the structural challenges in the design of the stadium and how did you address them?

Audience Question 4: What challenges have you found getting people up to speed with these new processes?

Audience Question 5: Were the markups in Revitzo essential BCF files?

The Delivering differently series

We invite you behind the scenes to see Arup’s use of automation practices in some of their most innovative and challenging projects.

Presented through a series of webinars, project engineers will unveil their unique approach to the continuous development of automation through knowledge and process, supported by Trimble technology.

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