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The General Contractor's Guide to the Modern Connected Jobsite

This guide explores general contractor responsibilities, customer expectations, the concept of “the connected jobsite”, and the tools a GC should have in their virtual “toolbox” to optimize projects.

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As a general contractor (GC), you likely wear your hard hat most days. But, you know better than most that GCs wear a lot of different hats, figuratively speaking at least. After all, you’re not just responsible for overseeing the physical building of a project onsite. Your responsibilities often span from conception to post-erection, and the best GCs thrive in that wide scope of authority. 
So, with so much of any given construction project under your direct or indirect control, how can you ensure you’re approaching each task in the best way? 
The answer lies in data
Specifically, how much information you have available, how and when you’re getting it, and how accurate it turns out to be. In today’s tech-reliant construction environment, information isn’t lacking at any phase of a project. But, without the right tools on hand and a framework for effectively harnessing their output, most of that information is going to pass you by, come to you too late, or get misunderstood. And all of those issues can spell disaster for a modern construction project.
Read this ebook to learn how you can take your modern connected jobsite to the next level.