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[Benchmark] Technology is essential to your success. Are you keeping up with competitors?

Insight you cannot afford to miss...

70% of construction leaders agree that companies that don't adopt digital change will go out of business.

But how do you know if you're adopting enough digital change... let alone the right change? Take this benchmark survey to compare your progress to peers and chart your path to continued success.

Take the Benchmark

What you'll get:

Instant Comparison
See your responses compared to peers, with question-by-question results. 

At-a-glance results on key metrics
Your results report will tell you if you're below, above, or average on three key metrics of technology integration.

Detailed, Comprehensive Results
Benchmark results are designed to help you recognize areas for improvement in technology adoption so you can optimize processes, workflows, and project outcomes.

Based upon research of 1,000 industry peers 

The data comes from an online study conducted by Dodge Research & Analytics. Sample was provided by Dodge Data & Analytics' Architect and Contractor Panels, engineers from the Dodge database and a list of industry contacts from Trimble.

The overall study included 954 responses:

  • 240 General contractors/Construction managers
  • 240 Architects
  • 133 Engineers
  • 232 Specialty trade contractors
  • 133 Building or infrastructure owners

Ready to find out how you measure up?
Take the benchmark!

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