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[BIM EXPLAINED VIDEO] What Is Clash Detection?



What Is Clash Detection?


In virtual design and construction, each team working on a project creates its own 3D models -- kind of like a puzzle. But merging those models to put the pieces together can result in clashes. Clash detection is the identification, inspection, and reporting of collisions between elements in a structure's model: Like a pipe running through a steel beam. 

In BIM projects, clash detection software is used to detect interferences between the models from different disciplines, such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. This way potential problems can be solved before the actual construction begins. 

Clash detection can be done manually within BIM software, automated using BIM software, or by outsourcing the task to a third party -- often a combination of all three. Clash detection ultimately creates higher productivity, less rework and downtime, and better project outcomes on the jobsite. 


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