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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Trimble Dimensions+ 2022

  • Looking for an industry conference that demands your attention and propels your career? Trimble Dimensions+ is up to the task.
  • Clear your schedule from November 7th through the 9th to attend the Dimensions+ user conference in none other than Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Experience knowledge-sharing, networking, and hands-on training at an unprecedented level.
Dimensions+ is Trimble’s all-encompassing conference, so you can expect sessions and features on all of our connected construction technology solutions. Here are our top ten reasons Trimble Dimensions+ is a must-attend event for you and your entire team.

1. Attend the Hundreds of Hands-On Learning Sessions

There is no shortage of learning sessions at Trimble Dimensions+—in fact, there are 498 in total to choose from. Sessions range from basic to advanced in competency and the subject matter spans the entire industry. Attend industry-specific sessions, like those crafted for MEP engineers, surveyors, accounting professionals,  and more, or industry-wide sessions on sustainability, next-gen workforce, automation, and more. Check out our session catalog to scope out the sessions that most pique your interest and are most relevant to the work you do.
Each session format varies to keep things interesting. From collaborating in a breakout session, to hearing lessons learned from a customer case study, to experiencing a demonstration tailored for your industry and role, Trimble Dimensions+ sessions are sure to keep you on your feet. Easily keep track of the sessions you wish to attend by adding them to your schedule. Each attendee has the opportunity to attend up to 12 sessions, so choose wisely.

2. Earn While You Learn

Licensed professionals with continuing education requirements can earn credits while learning at many of our sessions. Depending on the topic, attendance can count toward Professional Development Hours (PDH) and/or Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. The opportunity to earn these credits is the perfect way to justify your trip to Trimble Dimensions+.
And if that rationale isn’t enough, we created the Dimensions+ Justify Your Trip Toolkit, complete with a sample letter to present to your supervisor on the education and connection opportunities available at this action-packed conference.

3. Experience Trimble Equipment IRL

Introducing our unique selling proposition: The Offsite Expo. We can only do so much explaining about our selection of innovative products here at Trimble—Offsite Expo will show you, in real life. Included in every full conference pass is a ticket to the action, located at the new, 15-acre Southern Nevada Operating Engineers JATC.
Get an up-close look into what Trimble technology can really do, whether by viewing a machine control system from the seat of a dozer or peering into the scope of the latest surveying equipment. Expert trainers will demonstrate the many capabilities of our connected construction solutions. Offsite Expo offers the chance to get in on the action and gain real experience with Trimble software solutions.

4. Hear About the Latest Trends & Topics From Industry Experts

We’ve secured the best of the best for our featured speakers at Trimble Dimensions+. Start the conference off on a high note with a keynote from tech luminary Steve Wozniak. The Apple co-founder will share stories from his career journey and participate in an insightful Q&A session.
Rob Painter, Trimble CEO, will kick-start the event, offering an inside look into scaling as a company and transforming how the world works. He will also join in on the Q&A with Steve Wozniak. The keynote will be rounded out by Trimble’s Vice President of Tech Innovation, Aviad Almagor.

5. Learn More About What Your Current Software is Capable Of

As most conference attendees are current Trimble software users, there is no better opportunity to share just what your software is truly capable of. Many learning sessions aim to demonstrate the full capabilities of our connected construction solutions to teach users new features and ways to get more out of your technology investment.
There are over 40 sessions designed for Viewpoint users, more than 20 sessions built for e-Builder users, and the list goes on. Check out our emerging technology sessions to learn about up-and-coming trends and new features on the horizon.

6. Experience a Customer Appreciation Event Like No Other

We are kicking customer appreciation up a notch with an exclusive experience at Trimble Dimensions+: A behind-the-scenes tour of Allegiant Stadium. Start the evening by setting out on a self-guided tour around the home of the Raiders, from the stands to the field to the locker rooms and beyond. Test out your football skills by passing and punting right on the field.
Gain access to the exclusive Model Cantina Club and Credit One Club and enjoy food and drinks alongside friends old and new. Add in VIP boxes, music, and more, and you’re sure to have a rememberable night that concludes a rememberable conference experience.


7. Get Advice from Customer Success Stories

Hear directly from current customers on how Trimble technology solutions have enabled success on their projects and within their teams. These firsthand testimonials serve as a “proof of concept” that the right software can enhance productivity, improve workflows, and increase profitability. 
During our customer success story sessions, users will get into the nitty-gritty of the exact software they have employed, the improvements they have seen, and how you can implement the same solutions. Take the opportunity to ask questions and set yourself up for similar success.

8. Meet Spot and Other Autonomous Machines

You’ve probably heard of autonomous construction equipment—now it’s time to actually experience it. Get the chance to meet Spot the Dog, Trimble’s autonomous scanning four-legged friend. In addition, Trimble will be debuting two new fully-automated pieces of heavy equipment and one new semi-autonomous machine. 
Autonomous technology is no longer out-of-this-world. See the capabilities with your own two eyes and imagine what the technology could do to improve productivity within your own organization. Autonomous machines and construction robotics are poised to change the industry as we know it. Trimble Dimensions+ will get you in on the action.

9. Network for Your Company and Your Career

Trimble Dimensions+ presents a not-to-be-missed opportunity to network with both novices and experts in your field. Connect with peers who share common pain points and offer worthwhile solutions. Connect with professionals who have been in your shoes and retain valuable lessons learned.
Set yourself up for professional career growth by building a network of individuals you can grow alongside with. Find companies in your specific industry and compare your trials and tribulations. Dimensions+ offers tremendous networking potential with opportunities to connect included throughout the conference schedule.

10. Enjoy a Trip to Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas! Trimble Dimensions+ is hosted at the Venetian Resort in the heart of the legendary Las Vegas Strip. Enjoy three days in the scenic, fast-paced city surrounded by all of the lights and action. 
While you’re out west, consider extending your trip into the weekend. Spend more time in the entertainment capital of the world or road trip to any of the nearby attractions and wonders, like the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam. 
So, will you be attending Trimble Dimensions+? Get started now with event registration and consider bringing the whole team to take advantage of our group registration discounts. 
Sign up for conference updates to stay connected and learn even more about the event on our FAQ page.


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