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Construction Health and Safety Risks You Should Know About [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every year, in the construction industry...

Three  million people are injured on job sites and 4,500 construction workers are killed

If that’s not bad enough, there was a 39.5% increase in worker deaths from 2014 to 2015 as a result of contact with objects or equipment. When it comes to automated accident injuries, studies have shown most are not caused by a technical machine failure. According to a study on automation accidents reportedly caused by technical problems, most injuries were due to jammed, defective, or worn-out components.

Although this stat applies to large factory machinery, this is a tragic example of why it’s important to keep up with tool and equipment maintenance dates. Poorly maintained tools can cause injuries, and sometimes even death. When it comes to insurance, the average claim for an accident is approximately $9k, but there are other costs that could run upwards of $135k.

Some of these hidden costs could include:

  • Transporting the injured worker
  • Lost time by fellow workers helping the injured
  • Temporary workers or overtime workers
  • Administrative costs to file claims
  • Penalties or fines

Make sure your company stays safe and compliant by keeping your tools and equipment maintained.


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