How Does the Constructible Process Benefit Each Project Stakeholder?

July 31, 2020 Trimble Buildings


Interviewer: We've heard a lot about the Constructible Process and the three C's--connected, constructible and content-enabled. How do each of the three C's apply to your specialty trade?

Chris Bell, VP of Marketing, e-Builder: I'll take connected, because that is a wish from an owner perspective, is to be more connected.

The owner's challenge is lack of transparency and an inability to spot problems before they make a cost and schedule impact. So the owner is seeking a connectedness.

David Burczyk, Segment Manager, Field Technology, Trimble: From a contractor standpoint, constructible is huge. Because then you've got the ability to trust the documentation that you have and the models that you have so you can build from that information. 

So the more accurate that is, the less risk you have going out into the job site. 

Aristodimos Komninos, Customer Success Manager, Trimble SketchUp: I guess from an architect's perspective, and that goes back to our conversation both all three C's constribute to a designer having control of the idea, the vision.

So they know that with the design, with constructibility, with content-enablement and connectivity, that their design has all those elements that will make it constructible in the end. And it will not be altered by the other stakeholders because it was weak in the first place.

Tanja Gut, Product Marketing Manager, Trimble MEP Europe: From an MEP perspective during design stages the C for connected is most important. As we talked about between the three of us, to have this collaboration. 

But there's also connectedness from the office to the site. So for example, I can use the robots to create a field layout of the design that I have on the computer. 

Paul Wallett, Regional Area Director, Trimble Middle East & India: From a structural engineer perspective, I'm in the business to make money. And the more time I have to go back to design contracts that I've wrapped up, in answering RFIs that I'm not going to be paid for, takes away my time from working on other contracts

So constructible, to me, is key to make my company more efficient and cost-effective.

Interviewer: Thank you all for everything. That's a wrap.




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