How Expert Estimators Win More Bids

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Here's How Expert Estimators Win More Bids

August 7, 2018

The way estimating has always been done is killing you.

These days, while you may need to follow the same basic workflow, there are so many ways to streamline and optimize the estimation process. In fact, the opportunities to do so have become so numerous and widely available that, if you’re still processing estimates like you did in 1990, there are likely a dozen companies within 50 miles of you who are bidding on and winning more jobs than you are, every week, all year long.

That means improving your estimating workflow isn’t just a matter of making your job easier and more rewarding. It’s about remaining competitive.

In this guide, you'll learn the top three things expert estimators do to win more bids, along with actionable ways to improve your process. Access your free guide today to start winning more.
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