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Extensions on fleek: Try the new SketchUp UI style guide

Hey, extension developers, are you trying to look sharp and get people to download and use your extension? This post is for you! Introducing Modus for SketchUp Extensions, a new UI style guide by Trimble. With Modus, you can save time otherwise spent on customized styling, gain new and fresh-feeling visuals (without the hassle), and design an extension interface that users will enjoy and recognize. Adopt Modus to construct a clean extension that feels grounded in SketchUp.

People lead busy lives, and they generally want to understand how to use extensions in the quickest way possible. We’ve received feedback from our SketchUp community that different visual styles can be confusing, and they may use extensions with unfamiliar or jarring interfaces less often. We listened to our community, and we are working towards integrating Modus into SketchUp. 

You can be a part of this integration too! Developers can use Modus to create an authentic SketchUp look and feel: it has pre-built settings for buttons, hover over options, color, font, sizes, and more. Plus, it’s accessibility-friendly!

Why reinvent the wheel when you can roll with Modus? It's easy for SketchUp extension users and developers alike. 

Just download Modus and you’re ready to start! Read the step-by-step instructions for installation here.