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ProjectSight Webinar: Debunking Implementation Myths and Misconceptions

First aired on September 26, 2023. Part 2 of a 3-part webinar series. Our experts know that managing a construction business can be extremely tough without the right project management tools and software. Fortunately, many modern PM software solutions can incorporate everything from budgeting to managing deadlines and can be implemented with little to no downtime - when done correctly.

However, despite the many benefits of modern PM software, many are deterred by the myths and misconceptions about implementing a (new) PM solution. That is where our expert panelists can help. Using real experiences, our panel of experts from RSM US, Palmer Consulting Group, and Trimble Construction will help you make a smooth transition by providing you with relevant tips that they have learned over the years on how to maximize the efficiencies of PM software - from the start.