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[VIDEO] How to Use the Dodge Momentum Index


What is the Dodge Momentum Index?

Dodge Data & Analytics builds their construction data from the bottom up, by tracking individual construction projects throughout their lifecycle -- from the earliest incarnation in planning all the way through to groundbreaking. 

The Dodge Momentum Index is an index that tracks the dollar value of non-residential building products when they first enter their earliest stages of planning. In a sense, it's a leading indicator of future construction activity.


How should your business use the Dodge Momentum Index?

Avoid looking at any one given period or month as a discrete element. The value in the Dodge Momentum Index is looking at it as a trend over time. As it serves as a leading indicator for non-residential building activity, it can give your business a head start on what you can expect to happen to your revenues in the future.


How can you track the Dodge Momentum Index?

Track the Dodge Momentum Index on Constructible's construction data aggregator, CEREBRA, located here. Make sure you subscribe for a monthly newsletter with a summary of the current month's data.



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