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Trimble and MODERN Partner to Offer Automated Text Communications in the Field

Trimble and MODERN are partnering to enhance the customer experience by integrating automated text communications with the Trimble PULSE™ suite of solutions for field service optimization and workforce management. This integration enables equipment dealers and field service organizations to improve the customer experience during service through faster communication and improved visibility into technician and work order status.

PULSE & Modern Integration

Equipment dealers in the construction and agriculture industries employing hundreds of technicians use Trimble PULSE™ to efficiently schedule and complete a significant amount of work orders with their customers each day. Keeping their customers informed of the work status and changes is a constant challenge. Studies have shown that over 70 percent of customers prefer text messages for updates instead of phone calls, and 98 percent of text messages are read within 6 minutes of delivery. 

With the combined Trimble PULSE™ and MODERN solution capabilities, dealers will be armed with field-proven technology that improves transparency between a dealer and customer for an improved service experience. 

Benefits include: 

  • Text communications that are automatically triggered based on service delivery status, eliminating the need to send manually
  • Effortless, real-time view of progress during service and maintenance tasks, ensuring that customers are well informed and their feedback is obtained during service delivery
  • Up to 50 percent reduction in work order adjustments which results in higher customer satisfaction 

The integration provides automated notifications from the dealer to their customer throughout the work order execution, providing the customer with real-time status updates as the dealer performs service on customer equipment. With the integrated solutions, the customer is automatically notified when the technician is en route and is provided with an estimated arrival time. Additional notifications include when the technician has arrived on site, when they have completed the work, when service has been restored to the customer asset or equipment, and when delays occur in completing the work. The integrated solution is easy for dealers to implement, requiring no change to existing technician and back office business processes. Dealers using the MODERN solution report a 6-8 percent increase in customer satisfaction within 12 months of implementation. 

To learn more, read our full announcement.