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The General Contractor's Guide to the Modern Connected Jobsite

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The General Contractor's Guide to the Modern Connected Jobsite 14 There's also the matter of pleasing your customer in the end: the owner who's entrusted you with running this complex, large-scale project. To accomplish this simply and easily, Trimble ProjectSight integrates seamlessly with e-Builder Enterprise, the industry-leading project management solution designed for owners. In addition, Viewpoint offers a robust set of construction software that helps professionals increase margins and lower risk. Their users consist of 8,000 construction customers across the globe. Finally, the Vico Office suite deserves mention here, too: available as a full suite or in three separate niche applications, the Trimble Vico Office solutions augment and enhance 3D BIM models with powerful analytics and management features incorporating budgeting, scheduling, and onsite location management, among other features. While work is progressing on the physical build, safety and security is of paramount concern. You'll have at least one safety manager onsite at all times to try to mitigate risks and maintain compliance with the rules you've established and training provided. To make that safety manager's efforts both easier and more effective, you can consider Trimble CrewSight. Trimble CrewSight incorporates standard labor tracking capabilities along with a robust, RFID-based access control system to keep your construction site secure and set up safety boundaries within the site to keep untrained or unqualified workers out of areas they shouldn't be. In the case of an emergency, CrewSight includes an emergency muster feature as well as instant access to every worker's contact information and last-known location onsite, so headcounts are fast and accurate. Combining CrewSight with Trimble Workforce Registry, your labor-related compliance and management requirements are covered. JOBSITE MANAGEMENT

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