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North Mechanical Cuts $1 Million in Shared Project Costs

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RESULTS ► Developed effective processes and workflow to create pipe, component and hanger labels for the lab build- fabricated 60,000 linear foot of piping and over six dozen skids and preassembled modules ► Fabricated over 90% of the project's piping off-site, reducing footprint and labor requirements by 50% ► Utilized SysQue to quickly create an accurate schedule for takeoffs- saving 400% of time compared to traditional materials takeoff tasks ► Improved design and accuracy - zero change orders on project due to coordination or clashing ► Shared project cost savings of 10% overall - saved over $1 million dollars with improved accuracy and speed of install With SysQue, North Mechanical has eliminated those expenses, and other possible unknown expenses required for takeoff. Altogether, he estimates today the company is saving 400% of time compared to traditional materials takeoff tasks. More accurate layout and installation North Mechanical is also using Trimble Field Link for MEP, a solution that consists of the Trimble Field Link software powering a ruggedized tablet connected to a Trimble Robotic Total Station for laying out hangers and assigning naming conventions to embedded structures in the field. This reduces errors and extends the BIM workflow by allowing North Mechanical to export hanger points or cable tray attachment locations from the 3D MEP models to the field for simplified field location and staking. Overall, Allen believes that one of the biggest competitive advantages of using SysQue and Revit is that the platforms have improved their models and they deliver a higher quality of design and higher quality of install. "With SysQue and Revit we're able to validate install with the BIM model first, which increases savings and reduces rework and change orders required dramatically," said Allen. "Overall, I would estimate we achieved at least a 10% shared cost savings using SysQue and Revit on the lab build, resulting in about $1 million savings in total. Best of all, it made our customer very, very happy and we now have this streamlined fabrication workflow in place that we'll leverage and it will make us more competitive going forward." NORTH AMERICA Trimble Inc. 10368 Westmoor Drive Westminster CO 80021 USA EUROPE Trimble Germany GmbH Am Prime Parc 11 65479 Raunheim GERMANY +49-6142-2100-0 Phone +49-6142-2100-140 Fax ASIA-PACIFIC Trimble Navigation Singapore Pty Limited 80 Marine Parade Road #22-06, Parkway Parade Singapore 449269 SINGAPORE +65-6348-2212 Phone +65-6348-2232 Fax © 2017, Trimble Inc. All rights reserved. Trimble, the Globe & Triangle logo, and SysQue are trademarks of Trimble Inc., registered in the United States and in other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. PN 022519-172 (10/17) TRANSFORMING THE WAY THE WORLD WORKS

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