Job Submittals Aren't What They Used To Be – Find Out What's Changed!

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The Evolution of the Job Submittal

Almost no company has one or more people on the team strictly to handle job submittals. It’s an added responsibility for what’s already a full plate. If you’re a project manager or administrative assistant in a busy construction firm, putting together job submittals is probably one of many tasks you handle.

It can be time-consuming, but it’s also necessary. General Contractors in charge of jobs you’ve bid on need to be able to confirm that the material you’re proposing is going to meet their standards.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the evolution of the job submittal (the old way vs. the new way) and how to manage the process if you’re the only committed resource in your firm.

Big firms and small firms alike could be spending untold hours compiling, printing, shipping, and editing job submittal packets.

That’s a lot of time. And, as the saying goes, time is money.

So, if you were to learn how to save time (and money) by simply learning best practices and leveraging technology to enhance your job submittal process, is there any reason you wouldn’t be interested?

Download The Evolution of the Job Submittal to learn how.


About the Author

Shaun Gambardella is a Product Manager for Trimble MEP. Prior to joining Trimble, Shaun worked in the electrical industry for 10 years, with 8 of the 10 in estimating and project management roles. With his decade of experience utilizing Pricing, Estimating, and Project Management software, Shaun brings real world experience and insight from the contractor side of the electrical industry into everything he does.

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