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The Essential Guide to Construction Workforce Management

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Are you still using a manual process to manage your jobsite security and personnel? Not sure who is on your jobsite at any given time, or where? Operating this way may be leaving you and your workforce vulnerable to avoidable health and safety issues – Ultimately putting your project’s success in peril. 

This guide will help identify:

  • Why your manual system should be upgraded to protect your workers and your best interests
  • How to minimize OSHA compliance violations and regain control of your jobsite
  • What questions to ask yourself to ensure your jobsite is safe and efficient
  • How workforce management systems work so you know instantly who is on your jobsite and where

A statistic to keep in mind: 1 in 5 worker deaths in 2017 were in construction. Do not let another day go by where your jobsite could be the next data point. Your colleagues are already considering employee tracking for their jobsites – Now it's your turn to get started!