2017 NEC Updates

The Electrical Contractors Guide to Important NEC Compliance updates

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The Challenges and Rewards of NEC Compliance for Electrical Contractors

October 13, 2017

Download your free guide to NEC compliance and get the information you need to know about the 2017 update.

As an electrical professional — whether you’re newly out of college with an engineering degree, or can look back on years of field experience designing and installing electrical systems — your job today is harder than ever. It’s also never been more important.

The level of competition your firm is facing is unprecedented, and the pressure to do more with less is unrelenting. Illustrating this point, the average estimator these days needs to develop eight estimates for every one job the firm wins.

The same time crunch impacts everyone in the construction trades, and we completely understand. Don’t worry, we’re going to keep it brief, to-the-point, and highly valuable because we realize your time is limited, and we appreciate your attention. 



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