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Jobsite Access Control: How to Know Who's Really Onsite

Safety managers, project managers, engineers, and superintendents know that access control comes down to three seemingly simple factors —  the Three W's of Labor Tracking.

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All construction professions, including health and safety managers, project managers, field workers, and superintendents know that access control comes down to three things — the Three W's of Labor Tracking:

  • Who — Is everyone where they are supposed to be? Is each worker properly authorized to be there?

  • When — Are workers visiting jobsite areas according to schedule? Is there any misunderstanding regarding access expectations? 

  • Where — The fundamental labor tracking question: Where is everybody? 

    However, sticking to these three guidelines is a lot easier said than done. Many factors play into access control, and good intentions are constantly up against the volatility of day-to-day construction processes.

To understand the importance of access control, you have to know what’s at stake — the efficiency of your project is directly correlated to these five, interconnected, access control considerations:

  1. Labor tracking
  2. Security
  3. Compliance
  4. Emergency Situations
  5. Onboarding

In this guide, we’ll explore each of these considerations individually to better understand how you can improve project productivity and security by improving your access control. Take a look at this guide today.

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