Innovative Solutions to Unique Challenges Facing Small to Midsize Construction Companies

May 5, 2020 Trimble Buildings

In most markets, one or two large contracting operations dominate the field, and smaller companies are forever in catch-up mode, vying for a limited number of jobs.

Meanwhile, they are facing the same lean profit margins as every other construction company, but they are completing fewer projects per year, making each one's success relatively more important in the grand scheme of things. 

The challenges of a small- to mid-size construction firm are either frustrating or thrilling, depending on your outlook. Finding innovative solutions to challenges like these can make the difference between a company that just survives, and one that thrives.

Download this ebook to learn: 

  • How to gain visibility and access to bids
  • How to hire and retain skilled labor during a shortage
  • How to take risks while still protecting your thin profit margins 


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