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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Trimble Tilos' Linear Scheduling Solution

There are a lot of project planning and management tools out there that are designed for people who aren’t project managers. They make things simple for diverse teams, using tools like cards and Kanbans.

That’s the last thing any real construction scheduler needs.

When time really is money and you’ve got to keep crews on track, manage logistics and make changes on the fly, oversimplified tools and pretty graphics just don’t get the job done. Which is exactly why we built Trimble Tilos software. It’s a professional grade scheduling tool with both time and distance built in. So, you can keep the wheels turning, tasks on track, and your projects in the black.

1. Linear Scheduling

When you’re working on projects with miles and miles of pretty much the same thing, it’s important to take location into account. In Tilos we enable you to create tasks with start and end distances, start and end dates based on estimated productivity rates or schedule optimization, resource requirements, and project constraints.

Plot your baseline versus actuals in the locations where work has been performed so you can measure precisely where you are, where you should be, and what you need to change to get there.

Whether it’s miles and miles of a new road, or a transmission line, plotting it all on Tilos linear scheduling software adds another layer of precision to the process.

2. Professional Presentations

We all know that project planning takes a lot of effort and tracking progress can be time consuming. Notes from a phone call with your foreman. Changes to the plan due to inclement weather, a ROW shutdown, or a change order. You’ve probably got them all in a binder or two, along with your raw calculations and some marked up site plans.

However, when the time comes to present your progress to your team (or the clients’), you need a clear, easy to follow and professional report. Tilos software offers flexible data reporting methods and views, so you can keep it simple when you need to, and drill down to the details when necessary.

3. Integrated Project Planning

Tilos linear scheduling is designed to do everything your old project planning tools did, and a whole lot more. Tilos can display your project as a traditional Gantt chart and a time-distance chart as well.

So, you can build new projects from scratch with familiar Gantt charts and tools, assign resources and build relationships between tasks. You can create calculations and build in variables, set working and non-working time, and more. Then you can take all those standards, project planning tools, and plot them directly to locations on your site.

Set a starting point and end point for each crew. Calculate durations based on time and space and take project planning from abstract concept to the real world.

Tilos adds the important dimension of location to the traditional methodologies. So, you have one more layer of control when you create and update schedules and progress reports.

 4. Open Data Exchange

We’d love everyone to use Trimble Tilos for their projects – but we know we’re not there yet. This is why we built the latest version of Tilos to be compatible with major scheduling software packages.

Import directly from Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, and Asta Powerproject.

Customize imports to include site data such as mass haul, elevation, or site map, or insert quantities, equipment, and costs from spreadsheets. Wherever the data comes from, and however it’s been created, it’s easier than ever to put it in Tilos and get to work.

No one has time to reinvent the wheel, so we’ve made sure you don’t have to.

5. Cost-Effective

Time really is money when you’re in construction. Tilos quickly pays for itself when compared to other planning methods.

The powerful but easy-to-use and intuitive system means you have reduced planning time with improved schedule clarity. That means smoother construction sequences, faster responses when things get off track, and fewer clashes and machine downtime.

You get comprehensive Tilos training and support too. So, if you need a hand getting started, our specialists are always on hand.

The Next Dimension in Scheduling

If you’ve always felt that there was something missing in your scheduling software, you’re not alone. Defining tasks, duration, and resources is not enough to give you the whole picture. Location is critical on projects with a linear component.

That’s why we built Tilos linear scheduling software. To add the missing dimension, so construction schedulers can plot their plans with pinpoint accuracy, and everyone always knows who, why, what, when, and where.

Don’t take our word for it though – see for yourself. Contact Trimble today to see firsthand what Tilos can do for you.

Tilos adds the important dimension of location to the traditional methodologies - upgrading your standard schedules. [GU1]