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Bridging the Technology Gap ll The Great Library Episode 3

Episode 3 of The Great Library uncovers whether the architect’s ambitious building concept is possible and dives into how technology has become an important part of the construction industry.

Check out these sections to see what you’ll learn about in this third episode: 

Welcome back to The Great Library
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In the last episode, we watched the ancient Library of Celsus transform from reality into a virtual conceptual space.

In this episode Frank and Julie will refine their conceptual model and present it to the engineers. But…how much of their building concept is actually possible in the real world of steel and concrete? 

Let’s find out together…

Frank and Julie Present the Conceptual Model
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Los Angeles based Architects, Julie Smith-Clementi and Frank Clementi share their vision and updates on The Great Library project with the project owner, Matt Ramage.

Their newest design incorporates adaptive surfaces and digital pixel displays that teach and reveal details about the building.

What is Building Information Modeling?
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After hearing about The Great Library project, Structural Engineer, Øystein Ulvestad is eager to join the team. Øystein has dedicated his life to Building Information Modeling, the holistic process of creating and managing project data within an intelligent 3D model.

Øystein explains how the industry has been slow to adopt technologies, such as BIM, and so projects like this are very important to him and to engineers everywhere in demonstrating the benefits of these technologies and helping to move the industry forward.

The Randselva Bridge Project
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Øystein shares his experience on the Randselva Bridge project, the longest bridge in existence to be completed using only BIM. Prior to this, they had all been done using 2D drawings. 

With the type of complex structure that the Randselva Bridge contains, it would have been impossible to show all the details and parts without 3D imaging. 

In this section, Ulvestad talks about how many engineers and designers it took to build the structure as well as the type of technology it required.

Dissecting and Refining the Conceptual Model
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Get a glimpse of what it’s like to work with The Great Library team from all parts of the world. Distance doesn’t stop the team from discussing their ideas and pushing the project forward. Listen as they talk about the different practicalities and elements of the structure. 

What's next?

In the next episode, take a look at how technology will help with estimating, bidding, management, and prefabrication, as well as how our engineers collaborate and make the project possible. 

Also, meet Ádám Németh, virtual reconstructionist and time traveler, who will speak about how he was able to use our point cloud and turn it into a virtual replica of The Great Library.

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