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5 Questions You Should Ask When Considering a Construction Technology Subscription

Have you decided that a construction technology subscription is right for you? Here are some of the questions you should consider before making that final decision.

  1. What do I need in my subscription?
    If you’re just starting out, you’ll need to purchase machine control, construction survey equipment and office software to make everything run smoothly. Talk to your local dealer for a personalized consultation to help make the right choices.
  2. Who do I buy from?
    Do your homework - look at reviews, visit the local dealers and get some hands on time with demos. Choose a technology provider known for the quality of their hardware and software. The company should back up their promise of quality with a variety of warranty programs, ranging from factory warranties to accidental damage and repair plans. 
  3. How do I manage the inventory of software and hardware?
    A technology subscription should include software to help you manage your technology investment. You can track which machines have machine control installed, where your survey equipment is located, what version of the software is running and even which version of the design they are using in the field.
  4. How will I train my employees to use the technology?
    Look for a subscription that includes onboarding and training from your local dealer. This will ensure that you are set up for success with your new technology.
  5. Who do I call if my machine is down and I need help right away?
    Find a technology provider who has a nationwide network of authorized support and service providers. The subscription you choose should include support, ensuring your local dealer will be there for you.

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