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Strategies for Scaling and Optimizing Prefabrication Services

Three contractors share what they've learned about the planning, automation, integration, sales and marketing, and scaling of prefabrication services.

Download the eBook, Path to Prefab: Strategies for Scaling and Optimizing Prefabrication Services to learn how 3 different contractors have successfully taken on the industrialized construction market.

  • Clark Pacific pivots from a project-based strategy to a product-based one
  • PT Blink sells time to owners and GC's, even after the design stages have been completed
  • Consolis dials up their use of BIM as part of their overall digital transformation efforts 

Learn how these firms have been able to:

  • Nail down how to accurately estimate for prefabrication
  • Offer a single source solution to the market
  • Sell their value proposition with technologies such as mixed reality goggles, BIM caves, and 3D modeling
  • Capitalize on automation
  • Sniff out and select the right manufacturing partners
  • Bring technology to the shop floor for better quality and efficiency
  • Integrate BIM into the sales process 

About the Author

Jon Fingland is the General Manager of Collaborative Solutions at Trimble. He often speaks about the Constructible Process and the 'connected' C at industry events and conferences.

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