What Is the Future of Mixed Reality in Construction?

July 31, 2020 Trimble Buildings


Interviewer: What do you guys see as the future of mixed reality? Right now we can see a 3D model overlayed on the actual environment and kind of interact with the actual model. What's the next step?

David Burczyk, Segment Manager, Field Technology, Trimble: One of the things I think it will be is that it becomes the single source of information. You know, we're talking about having all this content put up into the cloud. 

When I was in construction one of the things we did with a contractor that I worked with is that we wanted everyone to have access to the data on the job site. So we had plan room computers on every single floor of the project. So we had a job box that had a computer that had an internet connection. All the documentation was there on the floor, so anyone on the floor, if they had a question about the project, could go to that location, they could look at coordination models, they can pull up RFIs, they could pull up any documentation to find that answer to their question. 

Tanja Gut, Product Marketing Manager, Trimble MEP Europe: Well, from an MEP designer but also contractor perspective, if we think that these days buildings are getting more and more complex, one of the things I want to avoid most is creating myself additional cost by creating problems with the installation. 

I will essentially improve the quality of my work to avoid such issues. 

Aristodimos Komninos, Customer Success Manager, Trimble SketchUp: I think mixed reality will literally define the way that we access information. It already does.

And actually if you see it on a really big timeline, what mixed reality is doing is bringing the architect, the designer, back to where we started--where we didn't have pen and paper, where we only had the physical world to design and build directly in the physical world. 

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