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Remote Construction Site Monitoring Blog Series: Introduction

Welcome to a short series on ways to get the information you need from your construction sites, without actually being on site.

In this series, we’ll go through all the ways you can improve managing your site — whether working from home or in a remote location, and seeing reduced workforces or handling the pressures of increased compliance, security and health and safety practices. We’ll also cover how to use the recent, radical changes to our protocols to improve processes going forward, from helping to automate many non-skilled tasks (like reporting and headcounts) to reducing your need to be on-site.

This short blog series will cover:


Part 1: Who’s on site and how does that impact my schedule

Make sure you know who is on site, which contractors, what trades, and how many of each so you can keep track of where you are with your project, no matter where you are.

Part 2: Automating compliance, security, and health and safety checks (without humans!)

With fewer people on site, and a greater emphasis on health, safety, compliance, risk and liability, make sure you have a method in place that automates site checks and documentation.

Part 3: Remote communication with the site

Once you have real-time ground truth data from the site no matter where you are, make sure you can use that information to influence what’s happening on site. A system which can tie these two functions together is critical. 

Part 4: Enhanced perimeter security

Ensure only people who have passed your tests and training procedures can access the site by securing your perimeter and automating entry checks. This is key to keeping people on site safe, reducing theft, and limiting unauthorized access.

Part 5: Contactless site entry and well-being checks

Perform access checks while maintaining safe social distances. Make sure all of your extended checks and wellness tests are tied to a worker’s ability to access the site, removing access automatically on failure to meet new site criteria.

Part 6: Live view of the site

If you have remote access to labor data from the site, you can communicate directly with individuals and your compliance is automated and security increased. Now, make sure you can view live streams of your site and see with your own eyes what is going on. This also allows you to maintain intrusion detection on closed sites or during off hours.


The aim of this series is to help with the situation we find ourselves in today, and also to evolve to using more efficient and technologically-enabled methods to maximize our success on the jobsite in the future. 

About the Author

Matt Ramage leads the global Trimble Construction growth marketing strategy, focused on the development of strategies and initiatives that target pipeline development opportunities, improved SaaS go-to-market and dramatically increasing demand. Matt has a history in business leadership, demand generation, inbound marketing, IoT and sales. He has led global teams through periods of rapid growth and development.

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