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How Wireless Lighting Solutions Minimize Risk on Your Jobs




The Time Is Right for Wireless. Lutron Can Help.

Over the past few months building projects have often experienced delays and unusual schedule constraints. As contractors prepare to hit the ground running, many of you are looking for lighting control solutions that reduce installation time, minimize risk, and add value on each job. There has never been a better time to use Vive Wireless lighting solutions.


Skilled labor shortages make it challenging to take on more work with the same staff while trying to keep costs and schedules in check. In fact, in a recent survey presented by Lutron Electronics and Electrical Contractor magazine, more than 70% of respondents cited labor shortages, inexperience, and compressed timelines as major project concerns.

Vive Wireless installs up to 70% faster compared to wired solutions — so you can get jobs done more quickly with less people. Wireless lighting controls require fewer wire pulls, result in fewer miswires, and can be easily adapted to changes in job scope to minimize your risk on each project.

We’ve all heard the saying, “the only constant is change.” Customers change their mind at the last minute, or a sensor or control is missed in the rush to finish a job. With Vive, those last-minute changes are no problem. 

Adding a sensor or an additional point of control takes just minutes and there is no new wiring needed. Quickly install an occupancy sensor in a storage room or add a wireless remote wherever it’s needed. And programming is as easy as push-button device pairing or app-based programming with prompted step- by- step instructions. You can train anyone on your staff to set up, or make adjustments to, a Vive system.


Lutron has worked diligently to make sure the products you need are available at distributors around the country, and quick shipping options are available to help you take care of your customers and grow your business. If you’re new to wireless installs, Lutron is there for you. We can help answer your questions at any time with online sales training, targeted installation and programming videos, and our 24/7 technical support line staffed with experienced Lutron experts.


Success often depends on your ability to get project estimates out quickly, easily and accurately. Get a jump on the competition with tools like the Lutron QuEst-D online assistant that helps you deliver code-compliant project estimates and a bill-of-materials with just basic information like square footage and number of fixtures.

The QuEst-D tool provides system options for comparison, helping customers make an informed choice and helping you close the sale.

We are all in this together. Whether you are looking to expand your opportunities, quickly finish current jobs, or create more value on each project, Lutron and your local rep are here to help.


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