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EP 1 | The Connected Construction Show: What IS Connected Construction?

In this inaugural episode, guests Benjamin Crosby, Direction of BIM - VDC at Yates Construction, and Chris Peppler, GM - Building Pre-Construction at Trimble, delve into what IS Connected Construction and why should the industry care.

Join host Matt Sprague as he interviews industry veterans, innovators, and everyone in between. You'll hear in-the-trenches advice, trustworthy takes on the latest opportunities and trends, and stories from across the design, build, and operate lifecycle. We're all in this complicated digital construction world together. The best way to keep up is learn from each other. Listen and subscribe where you choose to listen to your podcasts with links below or always at


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About the Author

Rachel is the Content Marketing Manager for Trimble Construction. She's written for finance, SaaS, manufacturing, telecom, and healthcare companies for 16 years. Writing about construction is her favorite gig yet.

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