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[BIM EXPLAINED VIDEO] What Is a Constructible Model?


BIM EXPLAINED: What Is a Constructible Model? 

A constructible model is a coordinated model that includes all the data and details required to inform and instruct the stakeholders involved in the construction of a building. 

Data can include part- and material-based information, such as height, weight, labor and material pricing, part number and more. 

The constructible model is fully coordinated and depending on the level of development requirement, may include fabrication level detail from intelligent, manufacturer derived assets. 

When all of the components come together and form the model or system, it can be built in the real world -- all the way down to the bolts tying it all together.



Find out where you sit in the digital construction continuum. 

Use it as a springboard for digitizing field and factory data, supply chain integration, and to dive deeper into prefabrication. 


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