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15 Best Construction Podcasts to Listen to in 2024



Grab your headphones, fire up the bluetooth, or get ready to wish your commute was a bit longer. Constructible has 15 podcast recommendations that architects, engineers, contractors, and construction professionals need to listen to in 2024. 

Keeping up with trends in the ever-evolving construction industry is a job in and of itself. Thankfully, dozens of top players in the business host one-of-a-kind podcasts that do the heavy lifting for you. 

2024's updated list of podcasts includes some old favourites but adds in some new picks that offer practical advice for designers and builders alike, as well as owners interested in digital transformation and industry innovations.

As always, we hope these podcasts help you track the latest tech, strengthen leadership skills, and remind you that it's incredible people that make construction the best industry in the world. 

15 Construction Podcasts Every Architect, Engineer, Contractor and Construction Professional Needs to Listen to in 2024

1. Structural Engineering Podcast

Professional engineers Max Loeb and Zach Bowden can't get enough of structural engineering in their day jobs, so they created a podcast to continue exploring and enjoying the subject. Most episodes feature the best engineering-related story of the year, a 1-minute trivia question for those looking to stay sharp, and an experienced engineer talking about topics such as: Newer materials, freelancing, 3D printing, carbon emissions, retrofitting, motioneering, and much more.

Bonus: Follow Zach Bowden on LinkedIn for more useful discussions around structural engineering. 

Best for: Who else? Structural engineers. Everyone is welcome -- from students to senior-level. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify 

Start with these episodes: 

Building Tall

Open Source

Starting Your Own Firm

2. The Peggy Smedley Show

Few hosts on this list carry the clout that Peggy Smedley does. With over 700 episodes and guests from Microsoft, ThyssenKrupp, Princeton University, AT&T, and more, this podcast is a must-listen for established enterprises that want to dominate in today’s digital construction ecosystem. Smedley calls herself the “podcasting voice of IoT and digital transformation” and she doesn’t disappoint. 

Bonus: Episodes are blessedly short! Some run almost 30 minutes but most are between 8-15 minutes. 

Best for: CEOs, CIOs and IT leaders, building product manufacturers, and procurement and supply chain management. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

Our Sustainable Factories

2024 Construction Outlook

The Importance of Predictability


Host Evan Troxel, architect and technology expert, interviews well-known industry guests about how tech is changing the architectural profession. The discussions about generative design, dynamic systems, blockchain, one-button buildings, etc. are thought-provoking and Troxel’s soothing voice never fails to make you feel hopeful about the future. 

Bonus: TRXL co-hosts Archispeak, where he interviews architects about favourite design tools, work/life balance, mentoring, job hunting, and more. He has also recently started his own media company, TRXL Media.

Best for: Creators, designers and builders who want to avoid becoming obsolete.

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify 

Start with these episodes: 

The Era of Spatial Computing

Continuous Improvement Culture

The SketchUp Story

4. InfraTalk America

InfraTalk America shares what's going on around the country in the transportation and infrastructure industry, and there's never been a more important time to have these vital discussions on the future of infrastructure in America. Each episode features a conversation with industry experts discussing innovations and challenges in project delivery, safety, and sustainable practices. 

Bonus: InfraTalk America's site is a treasure trove of resources for agencies who are focused on transforming the entire asset management lifecycle. 

Best for: Leaders in transportation infrastructure. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

Chasing Innovation

Trimble: Setting the Standard for Digital Product Delivery

Empowering Women

5. Design-Build Delivers

Gain valuable insights into architecture, engineering, and construction industries fastest-growing and most successful delivery methods - design-build. The show provides a platform for design-build owners and teams to share best practices and real-world project solutions, offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This podcast is essential for those seeking to stay updated on constantly-changing industry trends and topics, with entertaining interviews, latest news, tips and lessons-learned in a short and engaging format.

Bonus: Episodes range from 19 mins to an hour long

Best for: Preconstruction professionals

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

Start with these episodes: 

From Sci-Fi to Site Plans: How Augmented Reality is Changing Design-Build

This Is What Design-Build Excellence Looks Like

Fighting for Design-Build Authorization in Your State? DBIA Has Your Back with Resources and Lessons Learned

6. Digital Builder

Join Autodesk's Eric Thomas, a construction veteran for nearly a decade, for monthly episodes of this podcast. Industry trailblazers share their insights around a common theme of innovating and using technology to improve construction -- redefining the future of the built environment. 

Bonus: Bonus content that supplements each podcast episode is available on the Digital Builder blog

Best for: Designers, engineers, and contractors who work in virtual design and construction.

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

What is One Tool You Bring to Every Job Site?

Formula 1 in Las Vegas: How it was Built

Optimizing Outcomes in Construction During Times of Uncertainty

7. Donuts, Design & Debate


Our favourite 3D modeling and visualization software got into the podcast game a couple of years ago — thank goodness! The formula is one SketchUp user per episode, answering all kinds of questions about workflow, extensions, native tools, and the secrets of good design. 

Bonus: There’s never a shortage of things you can learn to do in SketchUp. That’s why they created a series of skill builder videos for all skill levels.

Best for: Architects who need to communicate design quickly + SketchUp users who like to push boundaries. 

Where to subscribe: SketchUp’s blog | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

Collaborative Reviews

Real-time Rendering

Single File BIM

8. The ConTech Crew


Want to geek out on the latest cool tech in construction? You gotta join the ConTech Crew. This podcast, hosted by James Benham, Josh Bone, Jeff Sample, and Rob McKinney, never fails to entertain and inspire. The hosts are passionate but brutally honest, which means it’s easy for listeners to understand the difference between what is blue sky and what will actually drive ROI. 

Bonus: James Benham dropped by Constructible in 2020 to talk about making more money in the trades with better processes and over 20 product recommendations. 

Best for: Contractors who need to be wise about their tech investments. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spreaker | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

Practical AI

People-Drive Innovation

Your Time Is Money

9. Construction Brothers

“Entertaining” and “knowledgeable” are the two words most frequently used in reviews of the Construction Brothers podcast. Brothers Eddie and Tyler Campbell are 6th generation builders who now own a virtual building and construction company. Their deep roots in the industry pay off here as they tackle a huge variety of construction topics and talk with leaders who are pushing the industry forward.

Bonus: Don’t have time for a full 45-minute episode? Construction Brothers recently started releasing 8-minute Episode Bites.

Best for: Contractors, architects, and consultants who want to grow their virtual design and construction business. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

Big Bend and the Line

Santa’s South Pole Project

I Built That

10. The World's Best Construction Podcast


Well, we couldn't start our list out with any other podcast, could we? The World's Best Construction Podcast comes from the B1M, the most-subscribed-to video channel for construction. It takes a deeper look at some of the industry's most incredible projects and innovations. The format is super down-to-earth and conversational, coined "pub talk" by the three co-hosts Fred Mills, Liam Marsh, and Luke Bligh. 

Bonus: The group discusses their latest B1M video releases in every episode in some way. Rest assured, you can follow along even if you haven't seen the video. 

Best for: Construction pros and enthusiasts interested in the largest and most mind-boggling projects going on around the world. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Acast

Start with these episodes: 

How and Why India Built the World’s Largest Office

The Battle to Save New York’s Oldest Skyscrapers

Engineering the World's Most COMPLEX Office Building

11. Engineering Matters

This podcast uses a storytelling style which is unique to other traditional podcasts. They mix storytelling and interviews, almost giving a documentary style to their episodes. In their episodes they examine the work of engineers using a mix of interviews, analysis and site visits. Engineering Matters has won three awards in the Publisher Podcast Awards and we can see why. With a unique blend of storytelling, interviews and atmospheric sounds, you feel as if you are being transported to another world. 

Bonus: Episodes are around 20 minutes long, making it the perfect podcast to listen to on your lunch break or on the drive to work.

Best for: Engineers, architects, manufacturers, agricultural experts, construction connoisseurs and transportation fanatics.

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

The Observational Method

Tiny Robots, Big Moves

Virtual Reality: A New Vision for Construction

12. Space to Build

Looking for a podcast that is for women in construction that are closer to your age? Dive into the world of female architecture, engineering and construction, where dynamic conversations with women in construction will ignite your passion and propel your career. From insightful career advice, to thought-provoking discussions, this is a must listen for the next generation of construction professionals. 

Bonus: Host Kathryn Hart Tinnesz graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Building and Construction in 2016 and wants to empower young females interested in the construction industry. 

Best for: Female construction workers, graduates in the AEC field, young people interested in a career in AEC.

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes:

How Can Construction Open Doors For You

4 Networking Tips for Career Growth

3 Strategies for Negotiating Your Job Offer

13. The Preconstruction Podcast


Whether you’re a pre construction professional, estimator, technology enthusiast, general contractor, or owner, this podcast provides great insights and success stories in preconstruction innovation. Tune in to hear firsthand from industry leaders and innovators, shaping the future of commercial preconstruction.

Bonus: They also do video versions of their podcasts if watching something is more your thing

Best for: Preconstruction professional, estimators, and technology enthusiasts

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes:

The Arkansas Art Museum and The Walmart Home Office Projects

Togal.AI Head of Development Talks Future of The Take Off Tools

Empowering with Purpose

14. The Green Building Matters Podcast

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone passionate about sustainability and the built environment. Through inspiring interviews with industry and non-profit leaders, listeners gain valuable insights into the significance of green buildings and their impact on our shared future. With personal stories and Charlie’s infectious passion, this podcast is perfect for anyone who cares about sustainability.

Bonus: Get a peek into behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and wins within the green building industry.

Best for: People passionate about sustainability, construction workers, contractors

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes:

Construction Tech Enables Sustainability

Green Building Strategy and Communication

Climate and Nature-Based Design Lead

15. Women in BIM

This podcast is a global community for women in BIM who want to inspire and empower female construction professionals. Host Marie Grieve has over 20 years experience working in marketing and business development and has worked in architecture, manufacturing, engineering, and digital construction. This podcast invites guests to discuss hot topics, share insights and make some pretty interesting predictions.

Bonus: Episodes range from 17 minutes to 51 minutes.

Best for: Women in BIM and digital construction.

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes:

Migrant Women

Diversity = Better Results

The Voice of Education in Construction

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