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14 Best Construction Podcasts to Listen to in 2022



Grab your headphones, fire up the bluetooth, or get ready to wish your commute was a bit longer. Constructible has 14 podcast recommendations that architects, engineers, contractors, and construction professionals need to listen to in 2022. 


With a focus on U.S. infrastructure and a construction technology funding boom, this year will certaintly be an interesting one for our industry. 2022's updated list of podcasts includes some old favorites but adds in some new picks that offer practical advice for designers and builders alike, as well as some takes on the big money flowing into construction. 

 As always, we hope these podcasts help you track the latest tech, strengthen leadership skills, and remind you that it’s incredible people that make construction the best industry in the world.


14 Construction Podcasts Every Architect, Engineer, Contractor and Construction Professional Needs to Listen to in 2022


1. The Art of Construction

Art of Construction podcast cover

This mainstay of the construction podcast world has been around since 2014. Host Devon Tilley’s background spans both commercial and residential building — he is an owner of a materials supply company and a co-working office space. Tilley interviews entrepreneurs and owners in the design and build industry who dish out real-world, practical advice for growing a business. The vibe is 100% sincere, upbeat, and informal. 

Bonus: Accompanying every episode are show notes with links to products, promotions, and other helpful sites mentioned in the podcast.

Best for: Owners and entrepreneurs who want to network and build a company with staying power.

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | iHeartRadio

Start with these episodes: 

Giving Your Business a Leg Up in the Construction Industry 

The Data Collection Explosion

Adding Value to Your Customers is the Ultimate Marketing


2. Construction Brothers

Cosnstruction Brothers podcast cover

“Entertaining” and “knowledgeable” are the two words most frequently used in reviews of Construction Brothers podcast. Brothers Eddie and Tyler Campbell are 6th generation builders who now own a virtual building and construction company. Their deep roots in the industry pay off here as they tackle a huge variety of construction topics and talk with leaders who are pushing the industry forward.

Bonus: Don’t have time for a full 45-minute episode? Construction Brothers recently started releasing 8-minute Episode Bites.

Best for: Contractors, architects, and consultants who want to grow their virtual design and construction business. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Overcast | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

The Hardhat of the Future

Prefab, Megaprojects and Recession

What is Mass Timber & How is Katerra Using It?


3. The Construction Engineering Show


Host and practicing civil engineer Bob Hildebranski covers a nice blend of career tips and tricks in this born-in-2020 podcast. His advice is thoughtful and practical, and it's such a mood-boster to listen to Bob, who is positive and excited to pave the way for younger professionals.

Bonus: Bob gets it. His episodes last 15-25 minutes. 

Best for: Civil engineers, technicians, and project managers who work in heavy civil and site development and need a mentor. 

Where to subscribe: Apple PodcastsSpotify | Listen Notes

Start with these episodes:

"Need to Knows" for Young Construction Engineers

Constructability Review Basics

Career Advancement in Construction (in My Humble Opinion...)


4. Future Construct


Subtitled Thought Leaders Discussing BIM and Construction Solutions for the AEC Industry, this podcast is hosted by Amy Peck, the Founder/CEO of EndeavorVR. Amy interviews some of the biggest and most exciting names in AEC design. Think of this podcast as your weekly peek into the brains of influential entrepreneurs and leaders changing virtual design and construction.

Bonus: Future Construct is powered and produced by BIM Designs, Inc., a preconstruction technology firm offering all kinds of VDC solutions. 

Best for: VDC-ers, construction technologists, and IT pros working in construction who want the inside track on immersive tech, investing tips, and integrating technology into the construction workspace.

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

Start with these episodes:

Danielle O'Connell, Director of Emerging Technology, Skanska USA

Miquel Vidal, Head of XRS, CBRE Global Workplace Solutions

Leigh Christy, Principal, Perkins & Will


5. Connecting Construction

Connecting Construction Podcast cover

Hosted by Evan Hill and Matt Sprague of e-Builder, this podcast originates from a beloved series of fireside chat-style webinars. Each episode features contractors, analysts, and program managers who discuss what’s working at their respective businesses. 

Bonus: Evan and Matt are busy guys! Besides the podcast, they also host a variety of webinars where they discuss hot topics around construction project management.

Best for: Project and program managers who need guidance and great ideas from their peers.

Where to subscribe: Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

Tim Haile on the Future of Transportation Infrastructure 

Aviad Almagor on Emerging Technologies

Benjamin Yates on the Benefits of Data Visualization on Contactor Production 


6. The ConTech Crew

The ConTech Crew Podcast cover

Want to geek out on the latest cool tech in construction? You gotta join the ConTech Crew. This podcast, hosted by James Benham, Josh Bone, Jeff Sample, and Rob McKinney, never fails to entertain and inspire. The hosts are passionate but brutally honest, which means it’s easy for listeners to understand the difference between what is blue sky and what will actually drive ROI. 

Bonus: James Benham dropped by Constructible in 2020 to talk about making more money in the trades with better processes and over 20 product recommendations. 

Best for: Construction pros who want to track construction’s latest tech news and developments; Contractors who need to be wise about their tech investments. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spreaker | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

Innovation Is Hard Work!

Stop Building Tower of Babel Tech Stacks

The Status Quo Is Your Main Competitor 


7. The Construction Life


As Manny, Mike, and Carlito say, their podcast "sheds light on the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of construction." Be forewarned, this means lots of unapologetic opinions and a bit of salty language. These guys take pride in what they do and it shows in their wide range of conversations that run the gamut from calculating heat loss and getting paid on time to empowering your people and dealing with harassment. 

Bonus: The gang also post videos of them walking through their projects on their popular YouTube channel.

Best for: Boots-on-the ground tradespeople who like to keep it real.

Where to subscribe: Amazon MusicApple Podcasts | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

Chris Allen of On Point Contracting talks hiring, working, and sourcing out new leads

Mental Health and Tradespeople with Taylor Pagniello from Rise Psychotherapy

Danny Dosca talks about the future of tradespeople, young and old


8. SketchUp Talk

SketchUp Talk Podcast Cover

Our favorite 3D modeling and visualization software got into the podcast game a couple of years ago — thank goodness! The formula is one SketchUp user per episode, answering all kinds of questions about workflow, extensions, native tools, and the secrets of good design. 

Bonus: There’s never a shortage of things you can learn to do in SketchUp. That’s why they created a series of skill builder videos for all skill levels.

Best for: Architects who need to communicate design quickly and SketchUp users who like to push boundaries. 

Where to subscribe: SketchUp’s blog

Start with these episodes: 

Exclusively SketchUp with Nick Sonder

History and Current State of BIM with Bill Allen

Creating Beautiful Illustrations with Jim Leggitt


9. The Joint Venture


This podcast isn't about working in construction -- it's about some of the most salient industries driving construction work: Infrastructure and renewable energy. Hosts Maritina and Oliver interview a fascinating roster of guests, including enviornmental lawyers, investment bankers, data analysts, and other leaders in related spaces. 

Bonus: Unlike some of the other podcasts listed here, this one is EU- and UK-focused.

Best for: Execs, portfolio and asset managers, and construction professionals interested in the sustainable infrastructure market.  

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Audible | Spotify

Start with these episodes: 

Hydrogen Investments with KGAL

E-mobility with Charles River Associates

ScotWind, energy-from-waste


10. Contractor Cents

Contractor Cents podcast cover

This one is for small business owners, although larger contractors can definitely benefit from the principles “Profitability Master” Ruth King outlines in her podcast. These episodes cover the nitty gritty of running a contracting business — from perfecting outbound maintenance calls to avoiding improper installations on a job. 

Bonus: Check out King's site for links to her best-selling books and deep dive articles, as well as a calendar of training events that might be just what your staff needs.

Best for: Business, sales, and marketing leaders in specialty contracting who can't afford not to deliver this year.

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Podbean

Start with these episodes: 

What to Ask Before You Invest in Software 

Dumb Things Contractors Have Done

Will You Be Ready to Take Over If Your Dad Had a Sudden Heart Attack? 


11. A Viewpoint on Construction

A Viewpoint on Construction podcast Cover

Behind every successful construction project is a team of patient and exacting operations and finance professionals. This podcast is for them! Engaging host Wayne Newitts leads insightful discussions with industry leaders and analysts — covering the market forces, themes, and best practices that are shaping the industry.

Bonus: Viewpoint runs a popular weekly interactive show called Oh Shift! Changing Construction Perspectives. Check it out for insight into topics like centralizing data, chasing work, building an enduring company culture, and more.

Best for: Finance, accounting and ops professionals in the construction space who know there’s got to be a better way to work. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts 

Start with these episodes: 

Should You Join a Construction Trade Association?

The Future of the Connected Jobsite

Making Business More Intelligent


12. TRXL

TRXL podcast  cover

This fascinating listen is the latest from Gābl Media — home to six(!) AEC focused podcasts. Host Evan Troxel, architect and technology expert, interviews well-known industry guests about how tech is changing the architectural profession. The discussions about generative design, dynamic systems, blockchain, one-button buildings, etc. are thought-provoking and Troxel’s soothing voice never fails to make you feel hopeful about the future. 

Bonus: TRXL is just Troxel’s side gig. He co-hosts Archispeak, where he interviews architects about favorite design tools, work/life balance, mentoring, job hunting, and more. 

Best for: Creators, designers and builders who want to avoid becoming obsolete.

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify 

Start with these episodes: 

Everyone Works for Themselves

A Robotic Holiday Spectacular

The Hard Part


13. The Peggy Smedley Show

The Peggy Smedley Show podcast cover

Few hosts on this list carry the clout that Peggy Smedley does. With over 700 episodes and guests from Microsoft, ThyssenKrupp, Princeton University, AT&T, and more, this podcast is a must-listen for established enterprises that want to dominate in  today’s digital construction ecosystem. Smedley calls herself the “podcasting voice of IoT and digital transformation” and she doesn’t disappoint. 

Bonus: Episodes are blessedly short! Some run almost 30 minutes but most are between 8-15 minutes. 

Best for: CEOs, CIOs and IT leaders, building product manufacturers, and procurement and supply chain management. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher

Start with these episodes: 

The Three C’s of Construction 

A Smart, Connected Supply Chain

Cybersecurity: Who Is Responsible? 


14. Talking Architecture & Design


Run by Australia's most popular architecture magazine, Architecture & Design, this podcast gives the world some insight into one of construction's most exciting markets: The Asia-Pacific. Host Branko Miletic specialty is interviewing academics and architects with deep international experience and thoughtful takes on hot topics like affordability, New Brutalism, automation, and more.  

Bonus: Browse the amazing projects in the magazine's archives.

Best for: Architects, designers, and educators who want a hit of intellectualism with their design talk. 

Where to subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music

Start with these episodes: 

Rob Puksand on post-pandemic design, the changing nature of the profession & what kind of design legacy he would like to leave

Meron Tierney from John Wardle Architects talks about design and being a judge on the 2021 Sustainability Awards

Nicci Leung from Lifepod Evolution on how data, automation, and AI are influencing sustainability in the built environment 



Can't get enough of construction tech talk? Watch James Benham, co-host of the ConTech Crew Podcast, talk to us about staying focused on double-digit margins, survival bidding, future data sets, improving productivity through process, and what Pepsi vs. Coke will look like in the construction industry.

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