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TD Gardens Taps BIM Solutions for Complicated Multi-Functional Arena

Designing the new Boston TD Garden sports arena provided its own challenges, but shoehorning the multifunctional arena next to an adjacent active arena, two highways, a river, bridging an active train terminal and over live subway tunnels, made planning, phasing and engineering paramount. TD Garden was designed as a much-needed upgrade to the old Boston Garden arena and North Station, which were modernized and folded into the new building with less than two feet to spare on each side. LeMessurier engineers use Tekla Structural Designer to create physical, information-rich models that contain all the intelligence they need to fully automate design and manage project changes. From scheme, all the way to detailed design, Tekla Structural Designer allows the structural engineers from LeMessurier to work from one single model for structural analysis and design, completing projects in a fraction of the time. 

Read all about how the team saved time in analyses and design checks, automatic calculations and testing, making the project arrive on schedule.