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Interdisciplinary Collaboration - Lower Carbon Footprint, Early Project Delivery

The Highway 4 road in Norway project came with lots of added challenges to preserve the land, while making a durable road that's up to standards. All while minimizing the carbon footprint.

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Highway 4, between the municipalities of Roa and Gran, there were several challenges that needed to be solved. For instance, how to build a four-lane highway through a swamp without destroying it? In addition, there turned out to be a lot of quick clay in the ground, a special kind of clay that is prone to collapse and become liquid under pressure. Furthermore, a limited carbon footprint was an important project requirement.

Read through this case study to get further insights. 

Project facts:

  • New four-lane motorway that will increase capacity and reduce the risk of accidents on the Roa-Gran stretch.
  • The client is the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Turnkey contracted with the combination of Hæhre-Isachsen as contractor and COWI as designer.
  • The budget is just over NOK 700 million.
  • Construction start: September 2021, opening November 2023.