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Estimating: Do you Play to Your Strengths?

Estimating: Do you play to your strengths?

You and your team members are likely to be very experienced in some areas, and less so in others.  The area an individual has the least expertise in will generally be the area where they have the greatest margin of error. They may make errors that include omissions, incorrect product selection, inappropriate use of labor rates etc. All of which will impact on your bottom line.

  • Use software to drive knowledge sharing, transferring information between skilled and less skilled team members
  • Develop a set of kits and templates that can be used by all estimators time and time again sharing knowledge and recording it centrally
  • Protect yourself against unforeseen incidents that may leave you without key players in your estimating team
  • Use a central pricing and labor rate database to eliminate the requirement for an individual to know what changes need to be made

Find out ways to reduce risk throughout the estimating process, download our recent white paper Reducing Risk in Estimating.