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ProjectSight Mobile for Field Productivity on Android and Ios

ProjectSight Mobile App

The Trimble ProjectSight mobile phone and iPad apps allow general contractors and their subcontractors to effectively and efficiently manage the project from the construction site. Available on both mobile phones and tablets, the app allows them to maximize the ability for construction projects to be built correctly and on schedule.

How do you best manage a construction project?

By being on-site where the construction is happening. Managing a project while on-site allows you to preemptively catch and resolve issues as they occur and most importantly before they can have budget or schedule impacts. When you don’t manage the project from the site, you become reactive to issues after they have already occurred. ProjectSight Mobile for field productivity can help.

How do you prevent errors on your projects? 

You can prevent errors on your construction projects by proactively catching and resolving construction issues with immediate access to critical decision making information. This will also enable you and your field team to improve communication both on-site and to all stakeholders in real-time. Furthermore, you can create efficient processes for accessing and managing communication protocols as well as minimizing the time it takes to resolve issues. 

Finally, your team can save dozens of man-hours by reducing duplicate data entry into the project owner’s project management system.

Who on your team benefits from mobile access? 

From the project manager to the trade superintendent, if you manage the progress of the project’s construction, this mobile project management tool will provide immediate benefits. Our customers are the first line of defense between the planned design and what actually gets built. They validate the construction activities, capture any mistakes or issues and in doing so ensures that the building is safe for public-use upon completion. An easy task, right? With ProjectSight mobile you can catch issues quickly and limit expensive change orders to ensure your projects stay on budget and schedule. 

Creating and Resolving Punch Items From the Site

ProjectSight is changing the way Punch items are created from the site. No more colored tape and notepads. You can simply pull out your mobile device, snap a picture of an issue, describe the issue, and assign it to be resolved. This efficient and accurate process saves time and money for the general contractor. Punch items can be captured quicker and more accurately meaning issues no longer go unnoticed and unresolved. 

Pinning Punch Items to a Drawing 

Users when creating a punch can also pin the location of the issue to the project drawings. This allows the subcontractor when going to resolve the punch to know exactly where the location of the issue is. This reduces confusion and emails by eliminating situations where the subcontractor is unsure where the issue is on site. The result is punch items get fixed quicker. 

Less Emails 

ProjectSight mobile allows subcontractors to comment on a punch item they are assigned to, request further information or to indicate that the issue is resolved. The project manager has complete visibility into the comment history and audit log meaning less time spent monitoring your email.

Access project data anywhere

ProjectSight mobile’s offline functionality allows users to operate in situations where a wifi or data connection just isn’t possible. You can download your data including project drawings from the trailer in the morning ensuring continuous access to critical construction information. Less time lost due to a poor connection or running back to the trailer to print out a drawing means more time spent getting work done.   

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