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Part 3: Turning to Technology to Improve Fleet Maintenance


Turning to Technology to Increase Uptime and Cut Costs

Recorded Webinar

Not much happens in heavy construction without heavy equipment, and how well contractors manage maintenance and utilization has a substantial impact on the bottom line.

Join us in the third of a series of webinars  exploring the trends in software and mobile technologies. This session will focus on technology-driven strategies being deployed to cut maintenance and ownership costs, increase uptime and connect fleet maintenance and management systems to scheduling, dispatching and field management systems in real time.

This three-part webinar series titled “Mobile Connected and Data-driven: Exploring the Technology Trends in Heavy Construction,” will provide insights from a study from Dodge Data & Analytics, in partnership with B2W Software. The research explores how software solutions – and especially mobile capabilities – can generate improvements in the ability of contractors to gather accurate and timely data from the field, control costs more reliably, and manage and maintain their equipment fleets more efficiently.