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Part 1: Manage Project Costs in Real Time


Managing Project Costs in Real Time, Not Accounting Time


Heavy construction costs happen in the field, and that is the best place to manage them. Contractors that rely only on accounting systems for cost management are at a competitive disadvantage because those systems are designed for recording and reporting costs after the fact.

This was the first of a series of webinars exploring the trends in software and mobile technologies that allow contractors to record performance data accurately and immediately, analyze it in comparison with the bid and empower field teams with the intelligence they need to adjust operations daily.

This three-part webinar series titled “Mobile Connected and Data-driven: Exploring the Technology Trends in Heavy Construction,” provides insights from a study from Dodge Data & Analytics, in partnership with B2W Software. The research explored how software solutions – and especially mobile capabilities – can generate improvements in the ability of contractors to gather accurate and timely data from the field, control costs more reliably, and manage and maintain their equipment fleets more efficiently.