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Learning Work Breakdown Structures in B2W Estimate Enterprise Edition

Only found in the enterprise edition of B2W Estimate, Work Breakdown Structures allow you to organize and develop your estimates in an unlimited hierarchical form that matches your business needs. It gives you visibility into how costs are rolled up and the level of detail at which costing is done. Estimates can be configured to support pay items, WBS levels, or both together.

B2W Estimate now supports three different estimate formats:

  • Pay Item - The standard, Pay Item based estimating that you've used till now. If you don't need WBS, this is unchanged and remains exactly as you're familiar with.
  • WBS Only - For estimates where you need to breakdown the scope of work in a hierarchical fashion, be it across areas, years, work types or all of the above, WBS Only estimates will see you through.
  • Pay Item and WBS - These "hybrid" estimates allow you to organize your estimate the way it makes sense to you, by the scope of work breakdowns that you work in as an estimator and then apportion that cost to the Pay Items that the bid owner wants to see pricing for.

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