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Arden Engineering - 3D Laser Scanning


In the mid-2000s during the economic downturn, new construction slowed substantially, and renovation-oriented projects increased. In this environment, Arden Engineering Constructors began to look for innovative alternatives to the manual collection of spatial data for adding to and refurbishing HVAC and mechanical systems.


  • Challenge: The conventional method for generating as-builts for MEP systems is to measure and record all components across the building site by hand by putting tape measures on the ground.
  • Our Approach: In order to modernize this process, Arden Engineering Constructors began to look at 3D scanners and point cloud modeling alternatives.
  • Solution: They chose the Trimble TX6 3D laser scanner because it provided the speed, quality and range to make in-field data collection fast and efficient.

“One of biggest benefits of the TX6 scanner is the high-speed scanning and consistent accuracy," - Bill Cameron, BIM Manager for Arden Engineering Constructors.


Trimble’s scanning technology along with the ability to convert point clouds into modeled 3D components, sets Arden Engineering Constructors apart as a leading HVAC/MEP services contractor. They can tackle complex projects for customers and offer innovative solutions that save time and money and meet the industry’s highest quality standards.